Getting Yourself a Car Remote Starter? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Have you thought about getting yourself a shiny new remote car starter for your old automobile? The remote starting system is one of the faster-rising technologies in the industry. It wasn’t always an accepted part of driving, though.

Back when the concept of the remote starting system was first introduced to the public, no one was a fan. Few people were happy about the idea of there being a new system to wrest the control of their vehicle out of their hands.

Many individuals were feeling overwhelmed by the automation of something as simple as the starting of their car. People wanted the “feeling” of turning on their car by twisting the key in the ignition. However, it can’t be denied that in the world today, the remote starter is a bit of tech that one can’t do without. If you don’t have one of these handy devices in your vehicle already, it is high time you got one!

Here, you will find reviews of some of the best remote car starter systems on the market, along with some very handy tips and tricks. You will learn how to choose a starter, how to use one, and what to avoid if you want a better, more efficient buying and usage experience.

Some newer vehicles roll right off the factory line with remote car starter functionality, and the benefits of this feature are easy to work out. By warming up the engine before you ever get in the car, you ensure that the oxygen sensor is all heated up and the emission controls are working at peak efficiency from the moment you back out of your driveway. And aside from that, you can also slide into a pre-warmed passenger compartment on those cold winter mornings, and enjoy a burst of cold air before setting out on a long summer commute through stop and go traffic.

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How a Automatic Car Starter Works

In the world today, manufacturers of cars like Mercedes-Benz and Audi are beginning to incorporate remote starters into their own vehicles. This a newer way of including remote starting technology in the purchase of a car. The same devices have been available outside the factories for a far longer time, though. They are typically hybrids, serving multiple purposes such as being anti-theft alarm systems and more.

The remote starter is basically a device that doesn’t require you to be in the car when you start it. Your car key doesn’t have to be in or near the vehicle for it to work. A component called the starter unit is installed directly into the ignition of your car. This unit is controlled by a microprocessor that has a little receiver on it which can detect radio waves and transmissions.

A remote control unit is paired to this. When the brain of the starter receives the correct signal from the remote controller, the starter motor of the car is activated, effectively turning the ignition without you ever having to lift a muscle.

There are some limitations to using a remote starter, as with any other technology on the market right now. For one, vehicles that use a carburetor require additional hardware to be used in order to ensure that the car actually starts when the remote’s button is pressed. There are kits that are made by some manufacturers of remote starters. These are designed specifically for those vehicles that have a carburetor. However, it is still a relatively scary process because installation gets a little complicated. It is the same story with vehicles that have a tendency to be a little finicky. If for example, you need to tap the gas to bring the engine’s revs down to idle, the starter is going to have a hard time controlling the automatic shutoff of the engine.

Some of the starters that are offered on the market right now have tons of additional features that assist you and improve your quality of life. For example, there are those with:

2-way remotes

The typical remote starter for a car uses a very basic setup – a transmitter on one end and a receiver on the other. However, the more advanced systems have 2-way remotes. These can send data to the brain and receive data from it too. This allows you to check the temperature of the car, the status of different systems, the door locks, engine revs and more. All of these can be useful, and most can be turned on and off depending on the data that you want to see about your car.  The Viper 4204v is a good example of a 2 way starter.

Starter automatic disconnect

While most remote starters do the job of starting a car pretty well, there are some that have the ability to shut it off as well. This is because they are hooked up to the car’s ignition system, just like the key of the car. If the vehicle is tampered with in a malicious way, the starter unit can disable itself until the threat goes away. This means that a robber, for example, wouldn’t be able to turn the car on to make a getaway.

Smartphone compatibility

For the most part, starters for cars come with remote control units. These are alternatives to the current key you have and tend to get lost just like standard keys. However, there are some starters that can be paired with smartphone apps too. These use a pin number or an encrypted key to pair the app to the starter. Smartphone systems are usually two-way, and allow you to check out way more details about your car than with the smaller LCD screen on a normal starter.

The Advantages of Using a Remote Car Start

There are tons of advantages to enjoy when you outfit your car with a remote starter. Some of these include:


There is nothing like the convenience of being able to start your car before you even get into it. If you own a vehicle, you are probably looking for anything that will help you to make your experience easier over time. If there are methods to reduce the amount of hassle you go through every time you try to go on a drive, you’re going to use them!

The remote starting system allows you to turn the key in the ignition without having to be inside your car. This increases convenience like never before. Tired of fumbling with the key, trying to slot it into the ignition so you can get started on your ride? You will never have to again with the remote starter!


If you live in a country with seasons or extreme weather conditions, comfort during your drive is a luxury you probably don’t enjoy. At the very least, try to maintain the temperature in your car in the winter. This process usually involves walking outside in the blistering cold and struggling to turn your car on as your breath frosts in the air in front of your face.

It involves shivering and sniffling as you try to warm the frost off the glass on your windows, and warm your seats, so you don’t freeze to them when you get in. With a remote starter, you can press a button from inside your bedroom. Your car will start, and you can change the heating to let it warm itself up, so you never have to worry about freezing to death ever again!


As you probably already know, the one quality that all car manufacturers emphasize on is safety. Whether it is built for racing or commuting, the safety of a vehicle and its occupants is paramount. As a driver, you need to focus on safety as well. You might not think it, but the remote car starter device can increase your safety on the roads. It could very well save your life if you use it properly.

If you’re wondering how this is possible, think about what was mentioned in terms of comfort – you can warm the snow, ice, and frost right off your windows in the winter. The buildup of snow and ice on windshields and rear windows causes a drop in visibility that could lead to fatal accidents in the winter. With a remote starter, you can start your car and warm it up while you get ready for work. This results in it being far easier to reverse or drive in a hurry without being completely unaware of your surroundings.

In addition to this, there is the fact that your headlamps (see our guide on HID lights here) and brakes will have frost on them in the winter. By warming your car up long before you set out on the road, you improve the visibility of your own car in the darker snowstorms. This directly results in other drivers being able to see your car easily in the snow. You won’t have to worry about being rear-ended at 2% visibility nearly as much!

No more engine trouble

When you start your car, the engine gradually begins to warm up. Of course, it does the same thing when you start it on your own. However, by starting your car up from inside your house, while dressing up, for example, you give it a lot more time to sit idling in the driveway. As time goes on, the engine block begins to warm up properly. The oil in the engine becomes thinner because of this heat, allowing it to be far slipperier.

In the winter, oil in the engine can freeze over at low temperatures. When you try to run your vehicle while the oil inside it is still cold, you run the risk of permanently damaging your engine. There is more friction within the engine of the car, which can cause wear and tear to happen at a greater rate, which results in more costs to you. Using a remote starter eliminates the possibility of this happening.

Resell your vehicle for more

Which car would you, as a buyer, give more preference to the one with a brand new remote starter or the one without? As humans, we are fans of progress and everything “cool.” A remote starter adds to the coolness of your car, which in turn increases the amount for which you can sell it in the future. If you have been thinking about giving your car to a second-hand lot for resale, this is what you need to consider in order to make a tidy sum out of the whole business.

Before You Buy: Three Things to Think About

Typically, people tend to be more than a little cautious when going about the delicate task of buying a brand new remote car starter system. There are tons of brands out there to choose from, along with a bunch of different features. With this wide range of options open to you, you might not want to leap at the first good one you see. There are some things you need to consider before you go ahead with your buying decision. They don’t seem hugely important, but they aren’t nearly as trivial as they appear.


Most new cars come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This typically allows you to take advantage of free services, tune ups, and repairs during the warranty period. However, all warranties have certain conditions attached to them. For example, if you tried to modify your car with a remote starter, and your warranty specifically stated that the modification of any part of it would render it void, you’d be in trouble in case of an accident. There would be no way for you to get out of paying for repairs. Always look at your warranty and see if the addition of a starter is a bad idea.


Most devices aren’t just barebones remote starters for cars either. Many of them come packed with additional juicy features. Some of these include automatic locator systems (they are paired with a GPS device in the car that allows you to pinpoint the location of the car). These are very useful when you lose your vehicle in a crowded parking space, or if you find out that it got stolen.

Others have features like proximity unlock, which means that the doors of the car automatically unlock themselves as you draw near the vehicle. Check out all the features that are offered by the device before you make a buying decision.


Your budget needs to feature prominently in all the decisions you make. The last thing you need to do is decide to buy yourself a device that turns your vehicle into a gorgeous new machine but drains your wallet in the process. Remember that the price is usually a good indicator of the quality of the product, but it isn’t everything. There are plenty of amazing remote starters that won’t cost you all that much and still function incredibly well.

When looking online or in stores for remote car starters, you have to broaden your perspective. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a local store, reach out to national suppliers, larger stores with multiple branches, and even the internet. All of these places are equipped with a cumulative inventory that will all but blow your mind. Whether you’re looking for the most basic of devices or something far more advanced, the right depth of search should dig a specimen up for you. By extending your range and your reach, you ensure that you get the best chances of a good remote starter.

How to Use an Aftermarket Remote Starter Right

Typically, a car remote starter comes with its very own user guide. When you buy one, you should read the guide to ensure that you make the most of this awesome device. However, it can still be more than a little confusing to use. The last thing you need is to be frustrated by how difficult it is to use your new car starter. There are some little tips you can follow to use your starter right. These may seem like common sense, and they usually are! You just have to be sure that you remember them all when starting your car with your cool new gadget.

Stay away from enclosed spaces

Starting your car when it’s inside a garage or another area that is closed off from the outside is a bad idea. While your engine idles, a gas called carbon monoxide is emitted from the exhaust. A buildup of this poisonous gas in any small closed space can lead to blackouts, heart problems and even death if inhaled for too long. Always start your vehicle with the starter while the garage door is open, or the car is outside.

Always insert your key before doing anything

While you can easily start your car from inside your home and enjoy the convenience of remote car starters, ensure that you use your key as well. Sometimes your car is going to come with an automatic shutoff. This means that if you try to get the car moving without the key in the ignition, the vehicle with cut off immediately. To avoid this, put the key in the ignition when you get in the car!

Turn off Valet mode

Valet mode is a mode that is available on most remote control units for car starters. It forces all of the major systems in your vehicle to turn off until the mode is disabled. This leaves only the door locks and other switches to work. This can be useful, but it also means you should turn off the mode before trying to remote start your car.

Know your manufacturer specification

Many cars remote starters have different functions. Based on the maker of the car starter, the functions may or may not be locked behind certain events. For example, you can only program some buttons on some models of remote controls if the ignition in the car is turned on and the car is running. For others, you will find that there is no chance of programming the buttons unless the ignition is switched off. Check the user manual to see which of these applies to the car starter you have purchased. It could save you valuable time!

Check out all your options

Some remote car starter units have a very useful functionality. You can program the remote starter to work with a heat sensor outside the car. When the outside reaches a specific temperature that you set down, the remote starter will automatically turn your car on. This is perfect for countries like the northern USA or Canada, where temperatures can drop as low as 30 below in the winter.


Some remote starters have timers that can be programmed as well. You set a specific time of the day (for example, two to three hours before you leave for work). This can be done using software and a PC or even the LCD display on some of the more advanced starter units. The starter will turn the car on at this time, starting it up and getting it ready without you having to lift a finger. You can also set a countdown timer to start and shut the ignition of the car off, which is useful if you’re away from home and don’t want the engine to freeze over.

Common Remote Starter Kit Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

If, after all this information, you have finally decided to buy yourself a remote starter for your car, congratulations. This is one of the best decisions you can possibly make. Your vehicle is going to be thanking you for the longest time. However, we all know how confusing the buying of your first starter is bound to be. There are some mistakes that people make when purchasing a remote starter for the first time that can easily be avoided. While making these could ruin the entire experience for you, avoiding them will make you a lot happier than you would imagine. Without further ado, here they are!

Not enough range

The range on your remote starter unit typically comes from the manufacturer of the device. You might see that it has 1000 feet of range or more. While the numbers are a great reference point, you have to keep in mind that this value is in perfect conditions. The manufacturer tests each unit out, that’s true, but they are rarely tested in the same environment they will be used. In fact, most are tested for their range in areas that have no interference from buildings, WiFi, and other structures. This is not an accurate representation of your actual range in practice.

While you might not think that this is a big deal, the range is more important than you might have thought. You might think to yourself that you would never need to start your car up from over 2000 feet away. However, if you overcompensate when buying your remote car starter, you can be sure that it will serve you well when you try to start your car from inside a building. See, the whole argument boils down to the sheer power with which signals are transmitted from the remote control unit to the receiver in the car.

The power of the transmitter is what you have to watch out for. The signals are sent out from your remote controller with a certain strength. This is what enables the waves to reach your car from a certain distance away. Devices that have a greater value for their range also have a greater value for the power of their transmissions. For example, a 3000-foot range model of car starter will have three times the power of transmission of a 1000 foot model. Base your buying off this value and you won’t go wrong.

Always remember to overcompensate. If you don’t get enough range (and therefore power) on your transmitter, you won’t be able to use it anywhere. Also, think about the different places where you will be using it. After all, you aren’t always going to be switching your car on from inside your house. Think about your workplace, school, and the rest. Select a range value for your new remote starter based on the furthest distance (or the distance with the most barriers and interference) from you to the car. This way, you will always be able to push the little button and walk down to a warm, ready and idling car.

Bad installation

Are you thinking about installing your brand new remote car starter on your own when you buy it? Don’t. if you don’t have experience doing this, it is a bad idea. In fact, letting someone do it for you when the price for the installation is insanely low might be a bad idea too. In the vehicles that run on the streets today, a remote car starter installation is a complicated process that has a lot of risks associated with it. For the sake of your warranty, safety, and overall experience, don’t entrust this job to your own hands or to the lowest bidding client. Stick with the true professionals in the industry for a far more rewarding, clean and efficient experience.

You aren’t meant to be too frightened, but it is healthy to be cautious. If you recruit the help of someone who has been trained in the proper installation of the remote starter, you’re in luck. You will be able to avoid mistakes made by less experienced personnel and will end up costing you just what you pay for the installation. Even better – when the warranty of your car is at risk remember that a proper installation doesn’t involve removing or damaging any of the stock parts of the vehicle. This means that you won’t void the warranty because of a botched install.

Bad starter unit

There are tons of starters out there. Some of them are from reputed manufacturers; others aren’t. some of them will cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars, while others will be far cheaper. Remember that the price you pay doesn’t really matter. You have to think about the value of your purchase. The last thing you need is a bad starter unit.

If you were to walk into your local parts shop, you would probably find a selection of starters there. Typically, there will be at least one unit that is from some generic brand name, costing quite a high price. You might think to yourself that this is the best choice for you. Your decision will be solidified by the free instructional video installation guide. Do. Not. Fall. Prey. To. This.

There are true blue specialists in the business who create some of the highest quality starter units out there for a decent price. This is what you need to find. Look for units that ask you to enlist the help of a professional to install. Don’t get yourself an over-the-counter starter that looks like it was made at Disney World. The chances of a starter of this make failing are so high that you would literally be playing Russian Roulette with it.

The biggest problem with selecting the right brand is that as a first-timer, you wouldn’t know a good one if it came up to you and smacked you in the face. One way to avoid the bad seeds is to go to a shop that has a reputation for being one of the best out there. If the shop’s sales staff recommend a certain brand to you, and the shop has been highly rated by customers in the past, you stand a far better chance of walking away with a new starter unit and a recommendation to a professional who can install it for you.

Lack of features

Think about all the starters you have seen online while conducting your search. They all have a ton of extra features, don’t they? Some of them are, to be fair, just what they are supposed to be. They start your car and do nothing more than this. However, there are others that can do a lot more for you and your vehicle. These can be insanely useful in the right situations. For example, some starters have buttons that can open your trunk, defrost your windshield, turn on your air conditioning, and unlock your doors when you need them to, all at the touch of a separate set of buttons.

One thing you do need to remember is that not all starters come with all these features. While the remote control unit might look like it can make your car sprout wings and fly to you, it probably doesn’t. Ensure that the description of the device specifically states that it can do something. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it “just happens” when you use the remote. Some of the starters that do have certain features also have a stipulation that each of these needs to be installed by a professional for it to work. For example, a defrosting system for your window will only work if the switch has been installed with your starter unit.

Another feature you need to give special thought to is the keyless entry. On modern models of car, this is a feature that the manufacturer includes in the vehicle itself. However, this “keyless” entry has conditions. The car cannot be running when you attempt to open the locked doors. For example, if you started your car using your new remote starter and then attempted to enter the car using the keyless entry system from the factory, you’re going to be locked out. The system in the car will think that you are a robber trying to gain access to the locked vehicle, assuming that there are people inside. You can avoid this by buying a remote starter that has keyless entry as a feature. This can be installed (by a professional) into your new model car, and you should be fine!

Not installing your starter at the purchase point

This is the worst thing you can do to yourself. When you buy a remote starter at a store, ensure that it is installed in your car at the same store. Most of the top tier stores will not accept the installation of a part that didn’t come from them. Because of this, if you try to use a third party to install your remote starter unit, you’ll wind up with some pretty bad quality when compared to what you would enjoy at the same store as the purchase. For online buyers, there are some deals that can be taken advantage of. For example, you could buy a part that has a receipt for installation at a top tier shop.

One thing you should never do is buy a part from a store that won’t even offer to do the installation for you. This is an indicator that the starter isn’t of the best quality, and will probably fail you in the future. Because of this, you should only place your trust in top-rated places that offer installation in the purchase price for the best possible quality.

FAQs – Answering the Most Common Questions for New Buyers

As a new user of some of the most useful technology on the market, you’re bound to have a ton of questions about the purchase, installation and operation of these devices. Well, here are some of the most common questions that people have regarding the use of remote car starters, answered for you.

Can they be used with a manual gearbox?

If you own a car with a manual transmission instead of an automatic, you sure can use a remote starter! Today, the automatic transmission is by far the most popular of the two and the more commonly used. This doesn’t mean that starters are incompatible with the manual vehicles out there, though. With the right people installing it for you, you’re bound to have the remote starter of your choice working well in no time at all.

Can they be used with button start vehicles?

In the world today, there are newer models of cars that come out with buttons instead of ignition key starters. These involve a proximity sensor and a push button that work in tandem to perform a “keyless” start of the car. The installation of a remote car starter has no effect on this system – you can use a PTS (push to start) system with your remote car starting system.

Does it void my warranty?

Not directly, no. A remote starter can’t directly void the warranty of your vehicle. Its functionality is so separated from the rest of the car that there is no clause in any warranty that it is in violation of. That being said, there are ways in which you can indirectly void the warranty of your car through the use of a remote start system. One of these is a bad installation. If you don’t install the starter right, it could stop working or even lead to other issues in your car. If a device you add is the cause of damages, you won’t be able to cover the repair cost under your warranty. As long as it is installed right, you have nothing to worry about!

Can I set it up on my own?

It is possible, but that doesn’t mean you should do it. Modern cars have electronics in them that are more complex than the systems that sent a man to the Moon for the first time. You can’t just slot your new remote starter into the underside of your car and expect it to work properly. It needs to be integrated into the existing systems of your car if you want it to function right. Never try to install a complicated part like a remote starter on your own. Don’t even let your best friends near it. Take it to a true professional who has been trained in the installation of similar devices. The best way to find someone like this is to get the installation done at the same store you bought the starter from. While it is bound to cost you extra, it will be more than worth it in the end because of the extended lifetime of the starter that you are bound to enjoy.

How long does installation take?

It doesn’t take as long as you might think. The duration depends on the type of vehicle you own. A pro installation mechanic/specialist can usually get the job done in 3 to 5 hours.

What if I need more range?

If you bought yourself a remote starter and realized while using it that you needed to add extra transmission strength to it, worry not. You don’t have to buy a new unit just to get more power out of it. Most cars are compatible with a range extender. This is a small piece of hardware that works rather like a WiFi signal booster – it extends the range by increasing the signal strength of your transmissions. Remember that this won’t be compatible with all vehicle models.

My car uses a transponder key. Does that mean I can’t use a remote starter?

This is a little trickier to explain. A transponder key is a key that communicates with the car using a proximity sensor and a unique identifier. The car won’t start unless the transponder is near enough that it detects that the driver is in the car with the real key. It is an additional security measure that can be used to verify the identity of the driver. The systems of the car can be tweaked during installation to make it think that the key is present when the remote starter is used. It is a complicated procedure, but it works wonders for newer cars that use these keys. Don’t give up hope just because your car uses one!

Can my car be stolen while it is running?

A remote starter starts your car and sets it to idle. However, it doesn’t mean that your car can be driven off without the key. While the engine does start up, the steering assembly, transmission, and your transponder will all be locked until your actual key is brought to the car and turned in the ignition. While the vehicle starts running, it can’t stop moving until the real key for the car is used. Remember that your remote starter isn’t a key! One cool thing is the kill switch. If the system detects that the car is trying to be moved without a proper key being used, the engine is shut off immediately for security.

Are there any bonus features I can look out for?

Most remote starter systems are highly modular. This means that they can have additional features added to them over time. For example, you could buy yourself one of the most basic systems and have it installed. Later, you could go back to the store and have systems like heated seat controls, window defrosters, and more added to them.

Can I take out my remote starter and put it in my other car?

You can! Your remote starter is completely detachable. This doesn’t mean you should go under your car and rip the whole contraption out. While you can remove your starter unit, why would you? Removing your starter is a delicate process that could void your warranty if your vehicle gets damaged during the removal. This leads to additional costs that you don’t really need. Instead of this, you would be way better off getting a separate system for your other car.

How much does installation cost me?

Installation costs vary based on manufacturer, brand, and car model. Ask the store about pricing and features before you enlist a professional to fix yours for you.

Asking the right questions is a big part of ensuring that you buy the right remote starter. Every brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no perfect model or brand. You can’t expect a starter that works well for your friend to be the best pick for you. As a buyer, you have a responsibility to yourself to check out each product you mean to buy in-depth before you make a decision. If you know a store that has a high customer rating, you’re in luck. If you don’t, get online and ask the right questions. Get deeper than the basics. Ask about technical features, costs, and even upgrades. Check out product reviews from customers online too – sites like Amazon have incredibly useful customer reviews.

A Quick Remote Starter Buying Guide

Now that you’ve gotten all your doubts cleared up, you’re probably ready to buy and install your first remote starter, aren’t you? You have everything sorted out – you know the mistakes you can make as well as how to extend the lifetime and the efficiency of your remote starter. However, you aren’t quite ready yet. To ensure that you make the best buying decision for your car, there are more steps you can take and factors you can look out for.

The Warranty

While looking out for the warranty of your car is a good idea, you also need to keep an eye on the warranty offered by the remote starter manufacturer. Make sure that it is under warranty for a decent period of time. This should ideally be for as long as you plan on being the owner of the car. Lifetime warranties aren’t uncommon with remote starters, although the remote controller might only be warrantied for a year or more. Look for the longest lasting warranty if you want to avoid extra costs for as long as possible.

RPM monitor

The ideal remote starter will have a sensor that detects the RPM of the engine while it is running. This is one of the most useful bonus features your starter can have. One reason for this is the winter. In the colder months, it is far harder for a car to start on the first turn of the ignition. When you press the button on your remote sensor, you might find that it doesn’t start on the first go. Having a sensor that detects when this happens means that the starter will keep trying to turn the car on until the engine actually does kick into action. If you don’t have a system like this and it fails to start on the first try, you won’t know it until you walk outside to a freezing cold car.

In addition to this obvious benefit, you also gain protection from the engine over-revving. This is a common occurrence with an improperly modulated idling engine. You can avoid it by using a remote starter that shuts the engine off if the revs climb above a certain threshold. This is the same system that will prevent the car from being moved without the actual key to the vehicle being present.


This is a point that has been emphasized upon multiple times now. The range of the car starter and its transmission power need to be a prime factor in your buying choice. If you’re someone who always parks close to your current location, you won’t need a very long range transmitter. However, there are times when you will need to warm up your car from some distance away. In times like these, having a transmitter that can broadcast over a range of >1000m can be insanely beneficial to you. This also applies if your car is usually parked in a place where there are multiple concrete structures between it and the remote control. When buying a transmitter, consider all of these factors before making your purchase, to ensure that you get the right range.

Kill Switch for the Hood

This is a feature that isn’t typically included with a remote starter but is something you need to think about anyway. You have to install, with the help of a professional, a safety switch in the hood of the car. This does the very important job of shutting your car down if the hood is opened. The last thing you need is to walk up to your car, having forgotten that you remote started it, then opening the hood to find a spray of scalding water vapor shooting from the engine block to seriously harm you. Most shops that you buy a remote starter from install a hood cutoff switch with the starter as part of their service. Ask about it when you make your purchase.

Brand Name

This is one area in which a good brand name is going to serve you well. You have to ensure, when buying your remote starter, that it is made by a company that is known for its starters. The more “street cred” the maker has, the higher the chance is that you’re going to be satisfied with your purchase over its lifetime. Don’t go for a generic brand no one has heard a thing about. Look online for the top rated starter manufacturers and work your way down from there. The best part about using a well-known company is that you gain access to tremendous amounts of after-sales support.


Buying a remote starter for your car may have seemed like an easy task when you started reading, but you know just how complicated it can be. If you want the best possible experience with your new starter, you have to pay attention to the many different factors that work in conjunction to deliver an exciting experience. Always remember to avoid the common mistakes we have talked about here, along with the tips and tricks for the proper usage of the starter once you have it. More to the point, ensure that you check out all the different factors before you buy, including safety, range, value for money, and whatever else you can think of. Above all else, always remember that your car starter has to be installed by a professional. Do not make the mistake that so many others before you have made. The risks are so high that you’re literally playing with the lifetime of your car! That being said, good luck, and have an amazing time enjoying your brand new, super awesome car remote starter!